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Mobile Device FAQ

Will students be able to take the mobile devices home?

Grades 5-12: The school district sees the devices as an instructional tool, much like a textbook. Taking the device home will allow the student to extend their learning beyond the school day.

Grades PreK-4: Students will have the opportunity to use a device while in the classroom. The school district sees the devices as an instructional tool, much like a textbook. The school district hopes students will begin to develop the skills, ethics and responsibility for when they will have a device assigned to them in later grades.

What will happen if it is lost, stolen or damaged? 

We understand that this is an expensive piece of equipment. The district is insuring each device against loss or theft and against damage. If the computer or iPad is lost or stolen, the parents will need to notify the school immediately by calling 741-8091 so that the school can file a police report. 

What if the device simply stops working?

The district has warranty coverage that will pay for any necessary repairs due to equipment failure for a limited time and has budgeted for any additional repairs that may need to be made after the warranty period expires.

What will my child do in class while their device is being fixed or replaced?

The district will maintain a supply of devices and will provide the student with a replacement device as soon as possible.

Will the school district be providing Internet access at home for students?

No. The district will not be providing Internet access at home for students. However, if you already have high speed Internet at home students can use their device on the Internet with your permission.

Won’t all students need Internet access at home to do their work?

Access to the Internet will often help with communication or research; however, students can still be productive with the device without access to the Internet.

I know that the school has filters for Internet access at school, but how are we going to stop the students from going to “inappropriate” sites while using the Internet at home?

The device will be configured so that no matter where they are used to access the Internet, all Internet traffic must go through the school filtering system. However, no filter system is 100% effective. It is essential that we teach students to be responsible users of the technology, and that we carefully monitor students' use. It is recommended that parents establish rules and guidelines within their home for their child’s internet use.