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Pick up and Drop off Procedure

  1. Each student will be allowed two primary pickup points.
  2. Each student will be allowed two primary drop-off points.
  3. Parents/Guardians will submit in writing to your child’s school the pickup and drop-off points for your child specifying locations and dates.
  4. Before 11:00 am you may call the building office where your child attends to change the drop-off location from the scheduled primary location to the alternate primary location.
  5. If it is after 11:00 am, the child will be taken to the scheduled drop-off location unless the parent picks the child up from school.

Use of Cell Phones and Laptops on the bus is not permitted.  Using either of these will result in bus discipline slip that will be sent home with student to be signed by Parent or Guardian.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact the bus garage at 517-741-8571.

Contact the Transportation Department

Deb Frey
Transportation Supervisor
Union City Schools