Union City High School People

Photo of Chasity Allen

Chasity Allen

Special Education

Photo of Rebecca Arlt

Rebecca Arlt

Special Ed

Photo of John Bain

John Bain

Social Studies / Computers

Photo of Laura Bandlow
Photo of Kenny Burgett
Photo of Megan Burgett
Photo of Scott Cayo

Scott Cayo


Photo of Jamey Cerka-Wilks

Jamey Cerka-Wilks

Family and Consumer Science / Health

Photo of Sarah Connelly

Sarah Connelly


Photo of Ruhl Cook

Ruhl Cook


Photo of Hayley Denney

Hayley Denney

Weight Training

Photo of Mark Hageman

Mark Hageman


Photo of Nicole Hammond

Nicole Hammond


Photo of Ben Kinnison

Ben Kinnison


Photo of Thomas Kusterer
Photo of Andrea Lindsley

Andrea Lindsley

Special Education

Photo of Mindy Maples

Mindy Maples


Photo of Richard Maples

Richard Maples

US History and World History

Photo of Erin Ormsby

Erin Ormsby

English / Spanish

Photo of Randy Widener

Randy Widener

Charger Academy