Union City Middle School People

Photo of Laura Bandlow
Photo of Daniel Barda

Daniel Barda

Physical Education

Photo of Christine Bigelow

Christine Bigelow

5th Grade

Photo of Lori Bowers

Lori Bowers

Special Education

Photo of Kati Brott

Kati Brott

8th Math and Science

Photo of Megan Burgett
Photo of Jessica Decker

Jessica Decker

5th Grade Science

Photo of Douglas Diamond

Douglas Diamond

5th Grade ELA / Social Studies

Photo of Emily Dibert

Emily Dibert

7th and 8th Science

Photo of Michael Eyre

Michael Eyre

8th Social Studies

Photo of Sherri Falkner

Sherri Falkner

6th Grade

Photo of Hannah Katz

Hannah Katz

7th Math

Photo of Darcy Lepper

Darcy Lepper

6th Grade

Photo of Ben Miller

Ben Miller

6th Grade

Photo of Alison O'Brian

Alison O'Brian

Special Education

Photo of Laci Pawloski

Laci Pawloski

7th Grade History / ELA

Photo of Cassandra Rumsey

Cassandra Rumsey

8th Science and English

Photo of Kathy Wilson

Kathy Wilson

Special Education

Photo of Amanda Wright

Amanda Wright

Special Education