Today's students have access to a wide variety of new digital technologies from cell phones to video games in their personal lives. They will live their lives in a digital world with high speed Internet and anytime anywhere access. They learn and use these tools quickly and proficiently.

The goal of our department is to bring current technologies into the process of teaching and learning. To combine current technology and learning in a way that our students can achieve their full potential and be prepared for life.


We envision providing our teachers with access to current technologies within the classroom for the creation and presentation of materials to students. A classroom environment where students take the initiative in their education and teachers serve as a guide to assist students in reaching their goals.

We envision providing students with a mobile device that they will be able to use to be productive and creative both at school and at home. One to one access can provide opportunities to extend the learning experience beyond the school day, and provide a variety of resources to which students may not currently have access. Students will be using the mobile devices and resources to conduct research, develop projects, and create products which demonstrate their learning.


Picture of Grant Hutchins

Grant Hutchins

Director Of Technology